Vanochtend meldde een hevig geschokte Jos Jongejan hier op dat Amen: the Awakening gecancelled was. Ga-source heeft hierover een interviewtje met Brandon Smith, Communications Manager bij Cavedog Entertainment:What is going to happen to the development team? A number of Amen team members were moved to other projects, but unfortunately some were let go as well. How far were you guys into development? Not sure exactly "how far" (quantitatively) we were into development, but we were certainly quite a ways from completion. What will you do with the existing Amengine technology? We will hold onto the existing technology. Why do you think there was such a high drop out from the team members of such a highly anticipated game? Was this the main reason for the cancellation Honestly, I don't think the team member loss was really an issue. Meaning there was not a high rate of turn over prior to the cancellation. The main reason for the cancellation of the project was that it was over budget and behind schedule.