Achiel stuurde het volgende naar me door! Er staat een lan-party gepland voor 10-12 maart, Ambience 2000! Meer info vind je op hun site.

Ambience 2000 will be held the 10th, 11th and 12th March 2000. The location will be the Fontys Hogescholen in Venlo, the Netherlands. It will be the biggest international computer meeting ever held in the Netherlands, with an estimated 800 to 1100 visitors.

Ambience 2000 will feature:

[bullet]8 big sections with total room for up to 1100 individuals, split into a demoscene and a gaming part. Seperated demoscene competitionhall, seminar room, movie theater and relaxation area.

[bullet]Clean sleeping places at a 100 meter walk and hot showers inside the building.

[bullet]Powerfull 1024x768 screen projector with a 6 x 4 meter screen in the demoscene competitionhall.

[bullet]Huge multiple-gigabit based party network.

[bullet]Splended catering where a large collection of drinks, coffee, snacks, sandwitches, fries, etc. are sold 24 hours at really low prices. Networkcards, -cables, powercables, disks, cd-recordables, cd-roms and other stuff will be sold at low prices.

[bullet]Huge FREE parking place (room for about 350 cars, all reservated for Ambience visitors).

Additional features:

[bullet]Almost 48 hours of non-stop partying ! For the gaming part there will be a reservation system, otherwise there might not be enough space.

[bullet]For the demoscene part only an attenders system will be put online, without any reservations.

[bullet]During nighttimes (from 1:00-7:00) and during the prize ceremony the doors will be closed.

[bullet]High-Quality 2 sides Full-Colour Ambience 2000 t-shirts will be sold for only Hfl 10,-.

Ambience 2000 is more than just a demoparty, Ambience 2000 is also a gaming (so-called LAN) party.Kewl!