Alweer een leuke patch van een of ander spel waar we nog nooit van gehoord hebben Hier de hele reut aan fixes:

[bullet]We took off the period key as the default exit command, it was too close to the / key which is used for network chat. The default exit command will now be Shift-Q, and you won't be able to map it to the period key anymore, although you can map it to any other key.

[bullet]Online opponent bikes now will spin their tires.

[bullet]The rider wreck no longer gets to the reference position.

[bullet]In Offline practice mode, the AI riders will now have the same bike type as you do, they used to ride SuperSports all the time, if you set the AI Level all the way up be ready to have to work hard to win the race!!!.

[bullet]Fixed a bug that made the AI rider to the left of the player point to the wrong way right before race start.

[bullet]Pit pass for online play installs automatically on installed path, this requires Explorer as your browser. On other browsers you'll be able to receive an e-mail with your Pit pass (client.ini) which has to be copied to the directory where AMASuperbike resides (i.e. c:gamesmotorsimsAMASuperbike) Make sure that you don't create a shorcut to the pit pass if you drag and drop it from the e-mail.

[bullet]A connection quality indicator was added, this is only for online play and the indicator resides on the upper left corner of the screen. Green for good connect, Red for bad connect, Orange for bad lag.

[bullet]Fixed warps originated by bike wrecks.

[bullet]Fixed network bikes so that bikes wont warp online.

[bullet]Points awarded when anytime you exit the race, no longer you will have to wait for the race to be complete to get your network points.

[bullet]Fixed some problem that allowed bikes with low delays to actually win the race if their packets were faster than the other players (although for this to happen bikes will have to be within milliseconds from each other).

[bullet]If you go to the garage while an online race you no longer can come back to the track. This doesn't apply to practice or qualify. This way people can't return to the garage and back to the track to gain a position advantage in some tracks.

[bullet]Practice and Qualifying hud information have changed on/offline. For more details check the updated manual on the CD.

[bullet]Arena Info screen has been changed to a Chat room area.

[bullet]Pikes Peak and Sears Point were not showing information on the Track Info menu, this has been resolved.

[bullet]Chat rooms are no longer set when clicking on them, you have to join an event to change to that chat room.

[bullet]Changed the mouse cursor.

[bullet]Included an updated manual on the CD.

[bullet]Online event information added while in the Races screen. It will now display what paremeters the server has for that event (superbike, supersport, low sides on/off, etc...) If in qualify state it will display the time remaining. If the race is in progress it will display the time ellapsed.

[bullet]Changed default bike settings so that bikes are configured better by default especially on suspension settings that were making the bikes turn harder.

[bullet]Your current saved settings wont be afected by these default settings. You still need to load your settings before you go to the track otherwise the default settings will be used.

[bullet]Changes made on auto body position before they used to be too abrupt to drive in cockpit view.

[bullet]Took out wheelie limits, if your body is leaned backwards and you accelerate too fast the bike could roll on its back. Make sure you have the rider body forward and don't open the trottle to fast on low gears. Also wheelies were dampened a bit from previous versions.

[bullet]Easier way to join a race, made a big button that will say: Join or Race, instead of having to click that smaller one. You can still join a race using the same button as before.

[bullet]Changed some code that would time players out if they had joined an online race but they were just hanging outside of the track in the menus. Now they will stay connected to that race.

[bullet]Some adjustments were done to the bike sounds. You should be able to tell when a bike is about to overtake you.

[bullet]New online player list It will show everyone that is on that race and their last lap time. You can hide/show the player name list with the list player command which is the key 'P' by default.

[bullet]Added keyboard autorepeat for online chat. Backspace repeats as well.

[bullet]Fixed Network underground bikes.

[bullet]Penalties in some tracks were spawning the player underground, this has been resolved as well. Download hem hier direct van Motor Sims