VAK bracht mij op de hoogte van een artikel op TF2 over TeamStream, een alternatief voor RG. Het ziet er wel aardig uit. Ik heb geen idee of het nieuw is! Hier een stuk van de TeamStream FAQ:1. What do I need to use TeamStream? You need a decent sound card that supports full duplex operation, a 56k modem, DSL, ISDN or cable modem and a microphone attached to your sound card. All voice modes, including perfect voice quality can operate over a 56k modem with most any compatible multiplayer game. TeamStream has been tested for operation with Sound Blaster 64, 128, Live, Diamond Multimedia, Yamaha, Turtle Beach and many other well known cards. Please make your sound card drivers are completely up to date before using TeamStream. 7. Does TeamStream work with my game? TeamStream operates with most newer games that support DirectX. Some games such as Quake will require you to use TeamStream in Wave mode. To select Wave mode, click Options, then Audio and select Wave. Some games use 100% CPU utilization and starve TeamStream from operation. We are working on a solution for these games.