Slecht nieuws voor de mensen die op Alone in the Dark 4 zitten te wachten. Het spel is uitgesteld naar het 1e kwartaal van 2001. Erg jammer, nou maar hopen dat het spel het wachten waard is. De screenshots beloven in ieder geval veel goeds.Infogrames and Darkworks are taking a little extra time with Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare, the fourth installment in the trend-setting horror/adventure series.

WRE has confirmed that all versions of the game have now been pushed back from a winter release to first quarter 2001. The publisher had hoped to delay only the PC version initially, but now says it will also hold the PlayStation, Dreamcast and Game Boy Color versions, rolling the game out simultaneously on all platforms.

The game's looking good, though. At a recent press event, WRE got the chance to see AITD in action - and Darkworks seems to be living up to graphical expectations, with high resolution graphics, incredible lighting effects and a truly spooky atmosphere.