Gamelinks heeft een preview van Alone in the dark 4 online gegooid.WHAT TO EXPECT: If I was a betting man, I'd say that there is no doubt that Darkworks will once again retain the flavor and appeal of the beloved series. Although completely 3D in the past, Alone in the Dark 4 will be the first one in it's family of games to take advantage of 3D Acceleration. (Yes it's been that long since the last game in the set came out!). With this improved engine, effects such as dynamic lighting, real-time shadows and other graphical effects should add to the spook factor tremendously, and leave you really wondering if you should flip that light switch on? The game will again feature the main character of Edward Carnby, a tough, weathered private investigator specializing in the paranormal. According to developers however, the game will also feature alternate characters that you will be able to choose from as the lead protagonist in the story. The game also deals with an element of dark vs. light, good vs. evil and although you may think that a creature of character is good by nature, game developers warn that the game won't be that simple and will definitely view most things as shades of gray in both behavior and will. As suggested by the title, you'll have a hard time finding any light in the mansion and will have to rely on your flashlight which also won't last forever. Ze zijn dus vrij positief over de game, en ik denk zelf dat ze wel gelijk hebben.