Naast Undying komt er nog een game uit waarin het thema horror centraal zal staan, namelijk de vierde versie van Alone in the Dark, Alone in de Dark 4. GameSpot UK heeft een 43 MB wegend filmpje van de game, wat ongeveer 2 minuten kijkplezier oplevert.Joypad: The question that all fans are asking is why the release of Alone In The Dark – The New Nightmare has been delayed?

Darkworks: We're lucky to work with a publisher such as Infogrames who grant developers some extra time. Nowadays, many productions arrive on the shelves unfinished, something that the press pounces on. With a game of Alone in the Dark's caliber the quality of preceding episodes must be respected and playing pleasure maximized – this means no bugs, rich detail and high-level animation.Downloaden kan vanaf GameSpot UK.