De nieuwe COO van SEGA, Mr. Kayama is door US Famitsu geïnterviewd. Het interview draagt de titel: Ways to pull SEGA back on top. Naast veel uitleg over de herstructurering legt hij ook uit wat de plannen zijn voor de nieuwe Next Generation consoles, zoals Microsoft Xbox. Het 6 pagina's tellende interview behandelt ook nog eens de game Virtua Fighter 4.On January 31, 2001, Sega rocked the gaming world by confirming the numerous rumors about the discontinuation of the current Dreamcast console and their plans to launch many of their hit titles on their competitors' hardware. Sega announced that they would carry out a full reorganization and turn over a new leaf as a software developer -- but exactly how will Sega change in the future? Today, we present an in-depth interview with Sega's new Corporate Chief Operating Officer (CO-COO), Mr. Tetsu Kayama! (This is a continuing translation of the complete interview from our sister site Japan, which will also be summarized in February 23's Weekly Famitsu Magazine.)Het interview is op dit adres te vinden.