Het moest er ooit van komen, nu Halo voor de XBox het einde van de ontwikkeling nadert, stoppen ook de wekelijkse Halo updates.

Om het einde een beetje spectaculair te maken zijn er twee nieuwe screenshots verschenen en een flinke lap tekst. De shots zijn 1600x1200 en zien er lekker uit - Everyone's playing Halo, and in fact there is a contest to see who can get through the game the fastest on Legendary difficulty.

- Some of the AI debugging tools no longer work with our new builds, so Butcher is fixing them in the hope that we will be able to iron out the last few issues.

- Chucky added an easter egg and got his toenails painted.

- Marty, finished with his contributions to the game, decided he had "shipped" and ended his "No Shave Till Ship" policy. His scrubbed and shorn face is barely familiar; if they don't stop carding him at the door he may be forced to grow his hair out a little in the back so he looks more like the Marty of Old. Sorry for the redundancy. Marty tells me he'd like to know whether the public wants a Halo Soundtrack. Do you?

- Joseph Staten, having nothing better to do, took a couple of new screenshots for you guys. The best way to thank him is to pay close attention to the shots. When you know what you're looking for, you'll usually find it hidden in plain sight. Lees verder op Haloplayers