MS heeft de server code van het spel Allegiance vrijgegeven. Ook hebben ze bekend gemaakt dat er public servers komen waar je gratis op kan en ook nog servers waar je tegen betaling op kan waar de grote battles gehouden worden. Ook zullen hier competities gehouden worden.In anticipation of the release of its multiplayer space combat game Allegiance later this week, Microsoft has released the free server/hosting code for the game on the Internet. In Allegiance, players control a variety of ships--from single-pilot fighters to capital vessels with multiple players manning multiple stations. Developed internally by Microsoft, it is the company's latest multiplayer game, following last year's Asheron's Call. Microsoft says the server code is also included in the retail version of the game. The company plans on offering two play models for Allegiance. After purchasing the retail version of the game (with an anticipated street price of $40), gamers can choose to play on a public-domain server for free. Microsoft also plans on offering a $9.95 per month premium subscription service that will allow the gamer to participate in larger-scale games and special events. The premium service will also feature persistent scoring and ranking, tracking the performance of all the players.