Eurogamer heeft een preview geschreven van de space game 'Allegiance'. Hieronder vind je er een stukje van.

De rest lees je natuurlijk bij Eurogamer.Teams can construct miners to exploit the resources on asteroids, then use the money to create builders to make new bases, or spend the money on researching new weapons, ships, and equipment as part of an impressive technology tree that puts many strategy games to shame.

And to win the game you will need to do all of this, and work together as a team. If you don't have a skilled commander monitoring the battle from the strategic viewpoint and handling the resources and research, you are likely to be caught off guard by your enemy, run out of money, and fall behind in the arms race. If your bombers leave their bases without players to man their turrets they will be sitting ducks, unlikely to reach their targets if the enemy is any better organised than you are. Scouts are needed to explore new sectors, locate enemy installations, and identify potential targets. Fighters are needed to escort larger ships and defend your bases.