Gamespot heeft een uitgebreid artikel geschreven waarin ze Microsofts nieuwste game creatie Allegiance onder de loep nemen: What makes Allegiance so special is that it blends all the things we love about real-time strategy games with the bent-for-hell action of a classic space-combat simulation. Think of games like Air Warrior or Warlords, but lasting over the duration of World War II - complete with ever-changing zones of control and new airplane technology becoming available throughout the game. Now place the action in an interstellar setting, and you've got a pretty good idea of how Allegiance works. With a single warlord in control of your team's resources, you set out to expand your economic base by building new mining facilities and in turn using the funds that are raised to invest in research and construction. In addition to this the commander will be issuing commands to pilots - human pilots, not AI pilots as in other RTS games - to check out new sectors, intercept incoming enemies, assault enemy outposts, and even to assume specific roles such as a turret gunner in a huge capital ship capable of reducing even the largest enemy installation to a shimmering cloud of space dust.