Bij 3dactionplanet staan er twee verslagen van het jaar 2001, gezien door het oog van een 'action gamer'. Het eerste deel bevat de maanden januari tot en met juni en het tweede deel juli tot en met december. Bij elke maand wordt gekeken naar de games die zijn uitgekomen en andere belangrijke gebeurtenissen.August

The Big Games:

Soldier of Fortune Platinum (29th), Totally Unreal (30th), and Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis (30th)

Two repackaged games made a showing in August. Soldier of Fortune Platinum Edition appended the original game with new multiplayer levels, GameSpy server browser support, and a preview of the recently announced Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix. And from Infogrames, Totally Unreal offered a compilation of the original Unreal, the expansion pack Return to NaPali, Unreal Tournament, and exclusive footage from Unreal II and Unreal Championship for Xbox. Additionally, the much-acclaimed Operation Flashpoint hit stores on August 30th, bringing gamers realistic team-based tactical warfare from the Cold War era. The game recently picked up's award for Action Game of the Year.

The Big Stories:

August's QuakeCon 2001 activities were the highlight of the month for action gamers, as the future game unveilings from id Software finally surfaced after their much-anticipated announcements a month earlier. Raven Software has been given the developing duties on Quake IV, which will make use of the new DOOM engine and return players to the single-player campaigns and Strogg universe of Quake II. Nerve Software (which developed the multiplayer component of Return to Castle Wolfenstein) is at work a yet-unnamed new game franchise only described as "a multiplayer co-op title using id technology." Nothing further was revealed about the new DOOM game other than its existence.

Alle maanden worden uitgebreid besproken, en als jij een actie liefhebber bent is dit wel leuk om even door te lezen. Deel één vind je hier en deel twee hier.