Alle Aliens, Predators en Marines onder ons mogen de modem weer oppoetsen. Sierra heeft namelijk een single player map update online gezet. De update bevat wat aanpassingen voor de single player missies. Tevens is ook de rendering crash in de Betrayal map met Voodoo5 kaarten verholpen. Als toetje zit er ook nog een verrassing in.Here is a list of fixes:

- Removed an environment map from two textures to work around a Voodoo 5 rendering crash in Betrayal.

- Removed a scripted sequence with a guard and facehugger in Betrayal that could fail to trigger correctly under certain rare circumstances.

- Modified a scripted sequence in the crew quarters in Betrayal which could allow a fast-moving player to get to the end of the level without collecting the hacking tool.

- Added a blocker to prevent the player from wedging themselves in beneath the containment module at the beginning of Unexpected Allies.

- Removed an old AI trigger that could potentially have allowed guards to close and lock the door leading to the predator mask in Unexpected Allies, preventing further progress.

- Prevented a situation in Unexpected Allies where gathering two items at the exact same instant could prevent the exit door from opening.

- Prevented a situation in New Target where a player could survive a fall to the bottom of a deep pit and thus get stuck.

- Modified a situation in Surprise which could close a door later in the level if the player pounced up into the air between electrical fields and over the end of the alleyway. Eerder gesavede games kunnen mogelijk niet goed werken vanwege de veranderingen. Let dus op die save games dames. Het pakketje weegt 12MB en kan je hier vinden.