Er komt een gold versie van Alien VS Predator, met enhanced features, meer skins etc.AVP Gold includes the AVP Millennium Expansion Pack which features nine new levels in detailed, challenging environments. The Pack also features new weapons such as automatic pistols and 'The Skeeter' for additional artillery in multiplayer games and select single-player levels. A new 'In-Game Save' feature now allows gamers to save their existing game while progressing through levels. First-Person enthusiasts and AVP fans benefit from the sixteen multiplayer maps, including nine new AVP Gold maps. Gamers have the ability to play single-player missions co-operatively with up to eight players or challenge opponents head on in 'Deathmatch' and 'Last Man Standing' challenges. AVP Gold also includes the in-depth Official Aliens vs. Predator Strategy Guide from Prima Publishing.Lees de press release hier.