Microsoft heeft het druk, gelukkig op tijd begonnen met game titels verwerven voor de Xbox:Alien Vs. Predator 2 has been placed in a media blackout. Fox is not ready to announce this title yet. It is using the LithTech engine, and when it ships the version of the engine that it will be using will be the most advanced version available. Fox intends to fully establish the AvP franchise as a technology and gameplay leader with this title. My sources tell me that they are really pushing the technology to the extreme with advanced physics and extremely high polygon counts, bringing even the amazing work we've seen on Halo to shame. You can expect some surprises as Monolith has been given full access to all of the Alien and Predator archives for their perusal. Fox is also looking at XBox development in general so fans should look for this project to potentially make the jump to the platform since it graphical quality is heading into that kind of direction.Maar goed niet echt waar we op zitten te wachten toch? Geef mij maar UT of Q3, Xbox heeft tenminste een muis erbij.