Zo eindelijk een bedrijf dat origineel is. In plaats van saaie screenshots, interviews en demootjes gaat NeXS Interactive proberen op andere manieren publiciteit te boeken. Vandaag een leuk mp3tje, wat een mix is van de soorten muziek van het spel.Instead of doing another round of Q&A (which we're gonna stop for a while) and instead of posting screenies, we're gonna do some other types of media for a change. First and most importantly our sound and music maestro, Kostas Bevoudas has given us a really magical mp3 that is a mix of the music featured in Alien Legion. To the few that have listened to it before hand, they were very impressed with its quality. So download this mp3 file and run it through Winamp (be sure to get the l33t Planetunreal skin too ) Secondly we are showing off a new short AVI of one of the Scorpion Alien's attacks. Each enemy was animated with bones and then converted so expect extremely fluid animations nearly twice that in length of UT or Unreal (UT and Unreal's were 35 frames average, ours are 60 frames). Goes nicely with the Vector Defender AVI we uploaded a long while back. Enjoy these goodies Download het AVItje of het mp3tje Gemaakt met m'n favo UT engine, dus opschieten met die hap >