Gamesurge heeft een preview gemaakt van Alice. Inderdaad, hoe the f#ck is "Alice". Nou het gaat om de bekende Alice , Alice in Wonderland.

De reviewers zijn erg benieuwd naar het eindprodukt. Aangezien de maker McGee, leveldesigner was voor Doom, Quake I & II. Hij werd plotseling ontslagen door Carmack....en daar was McGee niet blij mee The story of Alice takes place in Wonderland, of course. Something in Wonderland has gone horribly wrong. Everything is evil now. I bet you can guess who is at the core of this evilness. Yup you're right, the root of all this evil is the Queen of Hearts. That devious, evil queen will be the main evil that Alice will have to work her way up to. Once you destroy the queen you will save the world of Wonderland. But it won't be that easy. Alice has to work her way through many forests and lands. Alice will encounter many creatures as she works her way through the Forest of Shrooms, the mysterious Caterpillar Garden and onto Centipede Lair. Alice will have to face many different evil creatures. Some will be new and others will come from the original book. Now that Alice has been to Wonderland she will know her way around and will pack some punch, too. Alice will wield some pretty lethal toys. That's right, Alice will be literally packing toys.Er lopen wel wat bizarre figuren rond (okee, in welk spel nu niet )