Army Men in vliegtuigjes ?In Airfix Dogfighter, the players fly plastic model airplanes that come alive and scramble to carry out daring missions in lethal air battles through their own home. The game is strongly focused on recreating the toyish feel of model airplanes in hand-held dogfights, rather than being an advanced, super-realistic flight simulator - complete with glue fingerprints on the windshield, skewed unit designations and fixed landing gears. The game is set in a real, 3D-modelled house, big and modern. Just like in a child's imagination, the real furniture of modern day takes on the role of terrain – the table is their runway, the bookshelf a huge mountain, the shower a waterfall, the fireplace a volcano, and so on. When the parents are away, the model kits and the house come alive, and the peaceful house suddenly explodes with small Spitfires and Messerschmitts blasting away at each other leaving coffee mugs, plants and crystal vases in ruin.lees hier de rest.