Een stel lamers heeft ook het spel UT weten te verzieken. Na aimbots in CS, Quake e.d. is nu UT het doel van deze triestelingen. Afgelopen week is de aimbot ontdekt tijdens een instagib wedstrijd.

Een petitie is opgezet omdit misbruik te bestrijden.

Iedereen die van eerlijk gamen houdt zou hem moeten invullen.

In this past week, a lot has changed in the Unreal Tournament community. An auto-aiming bot was discovered

while being used in an Instagib clan match. 5 players on the team were recorded as having the so-called "Funbot". When enabled, this bot adjusts the user's cross-hair to be constantly focused on the nearest opposing player.

Shortly afterwards, there was an uproar on forum systems, chat rooms, and e-mail lists everywhere. Funbot had been leaked to the web, and could be downloaded by anyone with a keyboard and access to a search engine. Many of these players joined public servers; some just wanted to see if it actually worked, but others went out and used it for their own personal gain. Now, after several days, the problem has grown. There has been no word from Epic, the co-creators of

Unreal Tournament, on what they plan to do about the

situation.Ik kots echt op dat soort "mensen"

Petitie tegen lamers. De rape van een scene.