Op Games Hideout is nu een review te vinden over Age Of Wonders

Age of Wonders is a turn-based strategy game like Heroes of Might and Magic 3. However, AoW has a little RPG effect. In the beginning of a campaign game, you will have to choose between the Keepers and the Cult of Storms. Keepers are the good guys; they avoid battles, accept humans and fight for peace. However, the opposite side of the Keepers is the Cult of Storms. They hate both humans and Keepers and want top get rid of them and they want to conquer the valley. After you have chosen your side you will need to create a hero, this is much like creating an RPG character. You can divide some skill points, for example you can ad one to attack or to defence, but there are also a lot of perks from what you can choose, like: wall climbing, spell casting, healing, archery and a lot more. After that, you'll have to choose three spheres, which will decide what spells you can research during the game. hier is hij te vinden