ActionTrip heeft een interview online gezet met Josh Farley. 1 van de programeurs van Age of Wonders 2.AT: Give us a hint how the spell system works in Age of Wonders II?

JF: Much of the spell system remains similar to AoW1, with the biggest difference being the role that wizards play. Wizards can cast more powerful world spells when they are positioned in Wizards Towers. From there they can also cast spells during distant battles.

AT: The first Age of Wonders turned out pretty good. Now that you have a chance to make a sequel, is there anything you're going to fix that you, perhaps, didn?t like in the first game? And what were, in your opinion, its main qualities that you intend to enhance?

JF: We're very pleased with how AoW1 turned out, but new ideas never stopped popping into our heads, even just before release. One of our goals in the sequel is to enhance the game's presentation (both improve the graphical detail, and streamline the user interface). We also want the Wizards to be characters that players can more easily identify with, while the rules regarding Wizards should make gameplay more varied and involving. In general, we want new players and old veterans to find something new and exciting every time they play!Zoals ik het lees komt AoW2 hetzelfde eruit te zien als deel 1 alleen een stuk verbeterd (graphics,geluid,gameplay) en natuurlijk een nieuwe verhaallijn.

Nu vond ik Age of Wonders 1 al een zeer goed spel (Nederlandse bodem he ). Dus deel 2 komt ook zeer zeker op mijn lijstje met spellen terecht .