Goed nieuws voor de LAN party organisatoren en dedicated servers aanbieders van de verschillende 3D shooters, er is een nieuwe versie van AEStats uitgebracht! Met deze versie beschikt AEStats over de volgende ondersteuning:- preParser (preAEs): Will convert all the more popular log file formats into a strictly defined format, the "Meta Log" format - Supported games: Unreal, Quake II, Lithium II, Rocket Arena II, (coming soon: SIN, Half-Life,...) - Providing an Unreal Script Module (AEonsDMmod.u) that will generate extra Log info, since Unreal does not provide any frag info by default. - Parser (AEstats): Will read the Meta Log files and convert them into HTML pages: Global and Player specific Statistics along with Real Ranking will be generated. - preAEs & AEstats are written in ANSI C and developed with the gcc compiler. This makes the code portable to just about any platform (w95 and Linux for now). - Extensive external control of the parsers using a config file. E.g. the N° of players that should be ranked. - Extensive FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions section and on-line Help, integrated into the stats pages. - Lots more... see the Example pages calculated by AEstats. AEStats kun je downloaden vanaf de originele AEStats pagina.