Aeropa is een online RPG waarin vrouwen de macht hebben en mannen slaven zijn (slik). Fiets hierheen voor de previewIn Aeropa, a world where women are royalty and men are slaves, there exist 13 Goddesses—a Mama Goddess, a Papa Goddess and 11 little Baby Goddesses. Actually, the 13 Goddesses represent many of the same aspects of the world as their sisters, the Greek and Roman goddesses—aspects such as Love, Harvest, The Heavens, Fertility and Wisdom. Four hundred years ago, the Goddesses and representatives of Aeropa entered into a mutual contract known as the Aeropean Covenant, which provided the people with peace and stability under the protection of the Goddesses. Aeropa: Fall of the Covenant is an online multiplayer RPG that offers a gameworld in which you will be able to explore what might occur if the covenant threatens to crumble.