Nintendoweb heeft uit betrouwbare bronnen vernomen dat Activision ook titels voor de GBA gaat ontwikkelen. Het zou hier over Spiderman, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater en X-Men gaan. It's one thing to have a third-party join the Game Boy Advance bandwagon and announce support for the anticipated handheld, it's quite another to have a rising star like Activision on your side. Quickly becoming one of the higher-quality publishers in the business, Activision has gathered a growing list of successful and popular licenses. Tony Hawk, Matt Hoffman, Shaun Palmer, and the uncanny X-Men and Spider-Man. These are names gamers should know by heart, and all of them are coming to GBA courtesy of Activision.

With the confirmation of support came enlightening quotes on how the third-party is feeling about the pint-sized system. Ron Doornink, President and COO of Activision stated, "Game Boy Advance is set to revolutionize handheld gaming with its high-performance 32-bit processing power, broad color palette and Internet capabilities." Sounds good. In fact, Activision likes the GBA so much it's planning on releasing six titles for the system.

Dit is toch een goede aanwinst voor Nintendo. Activision is echt bezig om een sterke groei te maken. Voor het hele bericht van Nintendoweb klik hier.