Iedereen heeft verlangens, zo ook de mensen van een gamesite . Actiontrip besloot de 5 meest verwachte spellen in een rij te zetten. Kunnen we meteen zien wat voor figuren daar rondhangen 5. Baldur's Gate 2

Well, apart from the obvious --- it's a sequel to one of the most successful RPG games ever, Bane claims that Baldur's Gate 2 will take the series to another level, with it's updated engine features, the continuation of the immensely immersive story, and the near-perfect design quality that reflects upon some of the mistakes made in the original.

4. Commandos 2

Unlike Commandos, the players will be able to enter buildings, and actually fight Nazis in there… Think of the added tactical possibilities! Think of the fun of having Tiny "handle" some Nazi over a dining table! The gameplay should prove somewhat quicker and more dynamic, but you'll still have time to devise your strategy… It should take about sixty to seventy hours to complete the game. Commandos 2 also includes a multiplayer mode that

will allow you play all the single player missions with your friends.


Apart from being pinned with medals on any of the shows it hit in the past few years, HALO features some of the most amazing in-game graphics seen in the industry thus far. If you had the chance to check out the 10 min. movie from this year's E3 than you certainly know what I'm talking about.

2. Black & White

Black and White is the epitome of Peter's previous work. It incorporates all the revolutionary elements found in his previous games, and adds some of the most amazing

AI ever. Black and White holds enormous potential in terms of replay ability (with the ambitious multiplayer communities and all), and it's intuitive design makes it easily accessible to a wide variety of gamers. Did you know you'd be able to teach your creature new skills in multiplayer, and then use them in the single player game?

1. Team Fortress 2 The dev. team working on Team Fortress 2 is under somewhat of a media blockade, but that's rather justified. After all, TF2 is easily, the most ambitious gaming project in the making. It would be absolutely ridiculous on my part to cover all the great aspects that Valve plans to introduce with TF2.Niet echt een origineel lijstje, ik denk dat de meeste mensen deze menukaart willen hebben .