Je zou bijna denken dat sommige mensen teveel vrije tijd hebben. Zagen we een tijdje terug een Quake3 port voor Unreal Tournament, nu gaan de mensen van Reaction Quake3 een port maken van Action Quake 2.

Action Quake 2 was één van de voorlopers op de huidige 'realistische shooters' als CounterStrike en UrbanTerror. Een MOD die in zijn vroege dagen behoorlijk wat aanhang kende. Of het vervolg dat ook zal krijgen is nog maar af te wachten.From the ashes of Quake 2, a legendary modification was born. Perhaps the forefather of "realism" mods, it left us with definitive gameplay and action. Now, time has passed... but the legend is not forgotten. It rises again and makes its return to Quake 3 Arena.

Reaction Quake 3 ("Reaction") is a direct port of the famed Action Quake 2 ("Action") modification for Quake 3. All the original weapons and gameplay features will return. The Reaction team is dedicated to matching Action's original physics and creating an authentic gaming experience. Some of Action's most popular maps are also being ported. However, the similarities end there. Utilizing Quake 3's improved graphics capabilities, the Reaction team intends to raise the level on visual aesthetics and environmental depth. The end result is a new and revitalized modification that will please the gaming veteran and rookie in you.

Reaction Quake 3 is a modification driven by members of the Action Quake 2 community. Although there is a dedicated team committed to its development, in the spirit of Action's community approach, outstanding project contributions are encouraged. For the latest in Reaction news, visit the official website at je het niet meer snappen , of fan zijn aan Action Quake 2 dan surf je het best naar de Reaction site.