No Name schrijft: "Acclaim heeft de studio gesloten waar klassiekers zoals Forsaken and ReVolt zijn gemaakt": De games-industrie is een harde industrie zo blijkt ook vandaag maar weer. Probe (o.a. maker van Forsaken en Revolt!) moeten er nu ook aan geloven.Dozens of people have been laid off from Probe by Acclaim this morning, in what the publisher is dubbing a “consolidation of development resources”. The exact number of people now discussing their severance pay packages with Acclaim is unconfirmed. “We're bringing the 35-strong team of Ferrari Grand Prix closer to brand direction and marketing teams by relocating it to our Knightsbridge office as this is such an important franchise for us,” PR manager Simon Smithwright told CVG. “We are focusing on the core project to come out of that studio. “We are now in the process of working with the rest of Probe's staff to discuss severance packages and advising on career options.”

Based in Croydon in south east London, Probe was responsible for the Extreme G series, Forsaken and remote control car title ReVolt. Employees at Knolly House, the home of the developer, refused to comment on the news today.

Acclaim is guarded on the issue, and is playing down the obvious assumption that the move is due to failing fortunes at the company. “That's not the case,” Smithwright added. “It's a consolidation of development resources. We have space here [at Acclaim's Knightsbridge office]. Everyone's managing the transition between hardware in different ways. This is the right thing to do.”

Expect to hear plenty more on the closure of Probe in the coming days.

Het is de werknemers van Probe afgelopen vrijdag al bekend gemaakt, maar het nieuws omtrend dit bedrijf komt langzaam op gang.