Acclaim heeft zware verliezen bekend gemaakt. Een een aantal weken gelezen gaven wij al bericht van de sluiting van Probe(maker van o.a. Revolt!) en nu is de rede overduidelijk. Acclaim is pointing the finger of blame at postponed releases to account for considerable fiscal third quarter losses. Net Revenues were $4.8 million, compared to $80 million for the same period in the prior annual period. The console game creator reported a net loss of $49.7 million, compared with an even balance sheet for the prior annual period. According to Acclaim, the third quarter was impacted at the hand of a number of titles being released later than scheduled, including Fur Fighters for the Dreamcast--which is in stores now--and the racing sim Vanishing Point for the PS console and Dreamcast. During the quarter, overall operating costs were reduced 25 percent through strict expense controls and the cancellation of a number of titles. $$$$$