Turn-Based is iets van vroeger zal je misschien denken, maar Turn-Based is nog springlevend. Er komen namelijk 8 Turn-Based titels uit en gamecenter zette ze op een rijtje

We zien bij de nieuwe titels opvolgers van echte Turn-Based klassiekers zoals, de Battle Isle, Civilization en X-Com series.It has been suggested that the day of the turn-based strategy game has come and gone, and with it the hopes and dreams of its avid fans. Indeed, at this year's E3 show held in Los Angeles, there was but a select handful of turn-based games on display to the public, whereas in years past the harvest of "you go, I go" epics was far more bountiful. Undoubtedly the avalanche of real-time strategy games had something to do with it--so too the growing trend towards everything 3D.

1. Battle Isle: The Andosia War

Although it may sound like a brand-new franchise, Battle Isle: The Andosia War is, in reality, the fourth

installment in Blue Byte's long-running Battle Isle series. According to Blue Byte, The Andosia War will dovetail a traditional turn-based playing system with a real-time gaming environment. How this will be accomplished is still uncertain, given the nature of the two dissimilar playing styles. Blue Byte reports that the game will use cut scenes that animate multiple layers of comic panels. The developer adds that the comic panels have been created by Alexander lozano--pencil artist for Jim Lee's C23--and are designed to convey a fast-paced tale using poignant dialogue and witty repartee.

2. Call to Power II

Yes, Activision plans on trotting out a sequel to its controversial Civilization: Call to Power, and no, Sid Meier still isn't leading the charge. Like its predecessor, Call to Power II spans a vast period of time, beginning around 4000 B.C. and closing sometime in the 23rd century A.D. Although the overall goals are the same--that being to explore, exploit, and expand one's empire at the expense of others--the means to accomplish them have changed somewhat.

3. Combat Command 2: Danger Forward

Operational-level war games certainly got a big boost in popularity a few years back with the release of Norm

Koger's The Operational Art of War, Volumes I and II. Dave Erickson's Combat Command 2: Danger Forward looks to go Koger and his series one better by introducing a much more detailed rules system that accounts for such important maneuvers as amphibious landings and parachute drops.

4. Disciples II: Dark Prophecy

With a name like Strategy First, this company is one you'd expect to work overtime crafting a superior TBS

game, and that's exactly what they delivered in Disciples: Sacred Lands. For Disciples II: Dark Prophecy, this Canadian-based developer and publisher plans to up the ante again, improving virtually every facet of the game

5. Fallout: Tactics--Brotherhood of Steel

nterplay has long been known as a best-of-breed maker of RPGs, so it comes as no real shock that its Fallout

franchise has taken that genre by storm. What is surprising is that the company is now in the process of

expanding the Fallout universe to include a turn-based strategy game, similar, in many respects, to SirTech's highly regarded Jagged Alliance 2.

6. Squad Leader

Why it has taken MicroProse so long to create a computer adaptation of Squad Leader is anybody's guess, considering that its parent company, Hasbro Interactive, bought out the makers of the highly popular board war

game more than three years ago. Shown to the public for the first time at this year's E3, the PC portrayal bears a remarkable resemblance to a previously released war game produced by SSI entitled Soldiers at War.

7. Stars: Supernova

OK, the question remains: How do you make a great game even better? If you're Mare Crisium Studios, you first

take all of the core components of the original game of Stars and then update the graphics to 24-bit artwork, add a full-featured scenario editor, and tweak the system so it can accommodate other frequently requested elements.

8. The Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge

Does anyone remember a neat little game called X-Com? Well, Mythos, the developers of the critically acclaimed X-Com series, has apparently severed its ties with publisher MicroProse, enabling it to create an

entirely new UFO-based game called The Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge. Now working with Bethesda Softworks, Mythos has set its latest sci-fi thriller sometime in the near future, after man has waged a short but brutal war against an invading alien armyMisschien is Turn-Based toch dood als je ziet dat het bijna alleen opvolgers zijn van succesvolle games en dat nieuwe games voor de actie gaan.

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