7FX, de makers van Team Factor hebben een aardigheidje voor de eigenaren van het spel. Het eerste map pack is namelijk verschenen en bevat 2 nieuwe levels. Het gaat om Topaia en Sarajevo, twee close combat levels. Liefhebbers van grotere omgevingen moeten wachten op het tweede map pack, dat binnenkort zal verschijnen.Game features Team Factor enables the player to choose and develop his or her favourite way of play and fight. After selecting one out of three teams and one of four different character specializations, the player may set up whichever skills he or she likes to cultivate. According to the specific skill development, the player is able to access more "exclusive" weapons and devices. This means, that each created character will be unique and therefore recognizable to the other players by his or her personal ability and record. This feature is called a "RPG factor". All players' records will be stored in the Team Factor on-line central database. Het pakketje weegt zo'n 10 MB. Meer informatie over Team Factor vind je op de site van 7FX.