De afgelopen weken doken er af en toe screenshots op van het vervolg op Unreal Tournament. Naast het handjevol bestaande beelden van UT2 kan je er 50 toevoegen aan je collectie, want Infogrames en Epic hebben eens goed uitgepakt. De screenshots bestaan uit models, wapens, renders en art. Naast deze beelden vind je ook wat informatie over het vervolg op een van de beste online FPS games allertijden.New features over the original, according to Infogrames today, include:

- 30 indoor and outdoor environments featuring 100 times more polygons than the original.

- 50 new characters, including various new robot types and a feather-touting Baron Samedi wannabe with a dental problem.

- Confirmed weapons so far include Flak Cannon, Assault Rifle, Shock Rifle, Link Gun, and Ion Cannon. We've also learnt that laser guided bombs, where the player "paints" the target with a laser which is then struck by a missile fired from an aircraft or satellite, will also be included.

- Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination 2, Survivor and Bombing Run are all included as game modes. Details are scant on the intricacies of these at the moment.

- Team-based vehicles. In every sense of the word, boss.

- Facility for up to 32 players to get busy online or over a LAN.

....need i say more....

O ja, de link naar de overige screenshots.