Na een lange mediastilte begint Westwood eindelijk weer nieuws vrij te geven over C&C: Renegade. Deze keer hebben ze 5 screenshots van in de game gebruikte voertuigen online gezet, te weten van een GDI Hover craft, de Nod Buggy, de GDI Hum-Vee, de Nod Harvester en de GDI Chinook.

Immerse yourself in Command & Conquer universe by using your RTS know-how to make strategic choices. If you take out SAM sites a Chinook transport helicopter could land with GDI reinforcements, but the explosion will also alert NOD forces to your presence.

Familiar vehicles and weapons from C&C come to life right in front of you. Commandeer a GDI tank and drive it smack down the middle of a Bavarian town, destroying NOD forces as you go. Tear through them with your machine gun. Light them on fire with your flame thrower. Heck, mow them down under the treads of your tank. The choice is yours.

Run through a NOD base with guns a-blazing! Or, try the covert approach by sneaking in to the communications center and disabling their operations. Better do it before that volcano erupts though...the ash has already started to rain down on you.

Een taco/koekje voor de persoon die weet welk voertuig dit is