Shellsh0ck melde ons een flinke update aan de online game '3rd world'. Deze game laat zich nog het beste vergelijken met Origin's Privateer.

De game is behoorlijk modulair opgebouwd met elementen als 'spaceICQ', 'spaceMail', 'spaceChat', etc. Een gewone onlinegame zal het dus niet zomaar worden.3rd World is a game universe set in space for you to live in, explore, and rule.

In many ways different from anything you've seen so far, 3rd world will give You the opportunity to live your own parallel life in space. Feel free to do what ever you imagine. Be a pirate, be a trader, be a businessmen, or be a king.

Own your own army, own your own empire, or just be the most famous person in the galaxy. We are presenting you a world where anything would be possible. World with no limits and no rules, but the ones you create. You will be the one who makes deals, the one who sells illegal goods, or the one who is hunting a famous criminal across many star systems. You will lie, steal or kill if it is necessary. Sometimes to save your own life, and sometimes just because it pays well.

There will be a lot for you to discover. Secrets that no one will know. Well covered conspiracies. And for some there will be a path to follow different from a normal space life. Temptations and courage, braveness and loyalty will be your guides on that sacred journey. Is the reword high enough to risk your life for?

Secret societies, secret weapons, powerful corporations, powerful people, the good side, the bad side.

Conflicts are unavoidable.

Dan toch eindelijk een Privateer online? Het klinkt allemaal erg mooi, maar we moeten toch even zien hoe het in de praktijk uit zal gaan werken.