3Dactionplanet heeft een stukje geschreven over hoe moeilijk het is om 3Drealms te zijn. Het uitstellen van Duke Nukem Forever en het niet geven van info is voor 3Drealms erg moeilijk volgens de schrijver. Als Gamers doen ze het voor ons. Als DNF dan uitkomt is het een hele verrassing. Nah het zal mij benieuwen, ik koop nooit een game zonder te weten wat er in de doos zit

of het moet een budget game van 10,- zijn Because it dares to be different. Because it defies traditions. Because it ignores rules that the gaming community has long come to hold as sacred. And, more than anything, it refuses to pamper the gamers. I see you're looking at me, confused (or, I hope you're just confused, because I don't swing that way!). But worry not, I'll put things in perspective soon enough. It all started with a delightfully eccentric, and, at the time, somewhat witty phrase that was first uttered as half a joke, and is now taken seriously to the extreme. The phrase: "When it's done". Indeed, 3D Realms refuses to give out any information about the release date of Duke Nukem Forever (DNF). In fact, 3D Realms refuses to give out any information at all regarding DNF that is essential to gameplay. The reason is fundamental and simple -- the developers simply do not want to spoil the game for the gamers. They want the gamers to, on the date of release, open up the box, pop in the CD, install the game, load it up, and be surprised and wowed every ten minutes. They want the gamers to be shocked -- and in order to achieve that, they must protect the gamers from any information that might detract from this surprise factor. They must try as hard as they can to create a media blackout. And, being one of the few companies that can afford to conceal information, 3D Realms did just that. Het moeilijke leven van een pizza etende / gamende / internetsurfende programmeur van 3Drealms