Mad Onion heeft een speciale pagina in het leven geroepen voor 3DMark2001, volgens veel mensen de beste benchmark (sowieso de mooiste .

Op de dagelijks geupdate pagina kan je veel screenshots, informatie en roddels vinden over het benchmarkprogramma.Q: How long does it take to make a benchmark like 3DMark2001?

We started making 3DMark2001 after the XL-R8R demo was completed early May (!). The coders were tied up with the v1.1 patch of 3DMark2000 for maybe a month after that, but the graphics dudes started sketching the new game tests around then. We had an early alpha version with just the game tests by the end of August. I think some screenshots of that version actually leaked out on the web ;) . Up until the end of January, we built the rest of the benchmark and have since been testing & ironing out bugs. I don't know if that is the time it always takes to make a 3DMark version but this time it took that long.

Voor meer info en screenshots kan je doorsurfen naar Mad Onion.