Nog niet zo heel lang geleden was je heel wat als je een echte 3dfx kaart in je computer had zitten. Maar ja, tijden veranderen, vooral in de computer wereld. 3dfx is tegenwoordig helemaal niet meer hot en je hoort er pas bij met een NVidia kaart. Gelukkig is 3dfx nog niet vergeten en zijn ze zelfs bezig om flink terug te slaan. Voodoo Extreme had een interview met een PR man van 3dfx die verstand van de technische kant had (bestaan ze nog? )Voodoo Extreme -- The latest benchmarks for the GeForce 2 Ultra compared to the Voodoo 5500 show that the GF2 is a faster card, with V5 still dominating on FSAA - do you think FSAA on it's own will be enough to get consumers to buy the card?

3dfx -- Absolutely. Once thing people need to remember is that many games can run our 4X FSAA at 10x7 with a very fluid framerate. There seems to be a tendency to smear results from Quake3 across all games (just as you did.. ;). Just because FSAA is not a great solution for Quake3 does not negate that fact that it is a terrific solution for racing games, flight-sims, sports games, RPG's and strategy games and many other FPS like Rogue Spear or Tribes. I have seen many, many editors say our card is not a good solution simply because it could not run Quake 3 at 120 FPS and could only manage 100 FPS. That is a ridiculous argument. Sustaining 60 FPS is the key. Over a sustained and consistent 60 FPS, is a waste. Clearly we have reached a point in graphics technology where there is a definite balance needed between image quality and speed. Are we putting one before the other? No! They are both important. Never before have we been faced with this dilemma. Reaching a sustained 60 FPS at high resolution with high depth color was our goal since the original Voodoo graphics. Now that we have reached that goal with Voodoo5, adding image quality becomes the next goal. Thus, we have been pushing FSAA. Soon we will push the balance of speed and image quality even higher.

Laten we hopen dat 3dfx het redt zodat we geen monopolie krijgen van NVidia.