Bij 3D GameForce hebben ze de feiten over 3dfx nog eens op een rijtje gezet. 3Dfx, zoals het vroeger genoemd werd, was eerst een groot teken van snelheid en hoge aantallen frames per seconde, waarna het in verval raakte door zich op de OEM markt te storten. 3dfx (ja, een grote naamsverandering ) lijkt echter zich weer te hervinden in de Voodoo 5 5500 en de Voodoo 5 6000...

Alle Voodoo series komen in het artikel aan de orde en voor geinteresseerden staan ook de clocks en fill rates op de patch.After their first few releases 3dfx's name became synonomous with speed, quality, and reliability. With some great products and some great marketing, the comapny that was barely known among industry people soon became a household name. Their idea of improving on something that used to be great every few months was what gained them the success they enjoyed, but as time went on, the same philosophy became their worst enemy. The release of the Voodoo 2 is considered by many their "Golden Era," since its market dominance at the time has yet to be matched, even today. The lopsided competition allowed the true power of the Voodoo 2 to shine, and considering their price, the amount of gamers who jumped on the bandwagon was absoultely amazing.

Unfortunately for 3dfx and fortunately for consumers and gamers alike, the dynasty didn't last forever.

It's yet to be seen if 3dfx can deliver. Judging by their history, they've almost always lived up to their hype, whether it was super high or appallingly low. Only time will tell if they'll live up to it this time.Wie weet wat ons de toekomst zal brengen...?