Okee, okee... het spel heeft wel een beetje een aparte, lange naam, maar op de screens ziet het er wel cool uit.Radio Control Racers is all about fun. If complicated physics and a multitude of configuration options are what you are after then look elsewhere. Radio Control Racers is the kind of game that is great for a quick race against the computer or a few friends during your lunch break. There are a variety of different cars which all behave slightly differently. You can customise your vehicle with 6 different paint and decal schemes to suit your personality.

Although the game contains 8 unique tracks, this is really not enough as each track is small and it doesn't take long to learn the layout of them all. Power-ups such as turbo boosts and various projectiles are littered throughout each track and are picked up by running over them. The inclusion of a constant firing projectile such as a machine gun is sorely missed.

Alleen jammer dat er maar 8 baantjes in zitten, maarja hij valt in het lowcost gedeelte dus wat wil je!