Na ID software zoekt 3D realms nu ook programmeurs voor hun spel Duke Nukem Forever:MAJOR REQUIREMENTS

*Professional experience coding with the Unreal engine preferred. If you are working on an Unreal engine game now, contact us. You owe it to yourself to consider the option.

*Professional experience on a major 3D engine, or having shipped (or worked on) an FPS game before.

*User Community experience, working on killer mods for Unreal, Quake, Half-Life, or other major games. The more popular the mod the better. If you're the new up and comer, give us a shout.


*Knowledge of C and C++ (required), 3D programming concepts, and a clean, professional coding style that will works with multiple programmers on one project. We will want to see code samples but don't send them now.

* Die hard game player. If you don't have a passion to play them, you typically don't have the passion to make them.

* Must be 18 years old, US citizen, and willing to relocate to Garland, Texas. Also willing to work 10-12 hour days and weekends.


* First and foremost you share in the profits generated from the game. Something few places can offer. You get this in addition to a salary. And with Duke Nukem Forever, you can reasonably expect this game to be a commercial success.

* Signing bonus available for anyone with professional 3D game experience (bonus based on experience, products shipped and current situation).

* Full medical / dental insurance.

* No publisher pressure. We ship the game when it's ready. Your only pressure comes from working with a highly motivated team of people that demand excellence.

* Access to a fully stocked LARGE freezer with mass amounts of frozen goodies (chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, pizzas--all the food you can eat, and all the cokes and snacks you can eat. We make a huge run once a month to stock up. And of course, it's all FREE! Dat laatste is natuurlijk een goeie reden om je aan te melden mail naar George

Als je jezelf aanmeld, vergeet ons dan niet op de hoogte te houden!