Op EBay is $3000 doller betaald voor een character uit het onlinespel Asheron's Call. Het betrof een level 66 (!!) Archer met 209.080.679 Xp's. Kymil is a level 66 Archer on Frostfell (Currently the Highest Level on AC!!), he has virtually every level 1-6 spell in the Item Magic School, i.e.. BD VI, HS VI, DF VI, SK VI, IMP VI, banes VI... a great yumi that deals 60+-160+ dmg on olthois. He can take out any dungeon or creature in the game with a pluck of the bow. Kymil's Mule hold 200-400al+ armor, staves, and about 60+ lvl VI scrolls. E G Ringbearer(was an allegiance mule) holds level 4-6 jewelries/clothing and a few pieces of armor and about 10 lvl V and Vi scrolls. Xenxes is a fletcher with about 120 skill. Tethyr's my lvl 12 mage.. when I'm bored.