Konami heeft 3 nieuwe games in de maak. Alle games zijn gebasseerd op films van Universal Studios. Deze spellen zullen ook te zien zijn op de E3.[bullet] The Mummy - November 2000 - PlayStation, Dreamcast, PC, Game Boy Color: The spine tingling adventure of the blockbuster film lives again, resurrected in full 3D action. Filled with the same terrifying visual and sound effects of the movie, the game puts the fate of the film's heroes in the hands of gamers as they battle the living dead and ghostly residents of Hamunaptra, City of the Dead, in search of treasures and victory over the guardian Mummy. [bullet] The Grinch - November 2000 - PlayStation, Dreamcast, GameBoy Color, PC: In this non-violent action-adventure game, players become the Grinch himself, the ultimate anti-hero, and attempt to halt the holidays in magical Who-ville and its many surrounding environments. A mixture of action, collection, puzzles and exploration, The Grinch will play to the young, Who-venile delinquent teens, and adults who grew up reading Dr. Seuss. [bullet] Monster Force - Holiday 2000 - PlayStation, PC, Game Boy Color: Players become pint-sized "kid" versions of Universal Studios' classic film monsters, including Dracula, Frankenstein and The Wolfman, and use fledgling fright skills to combat evil spells in this action-adventure game. Set in a magical world filled with Halloween icons, Monster Force combines cutting edge technology with Universal Studios' rich horror heritage.