Met een hoop praat over de geschiedenis achter de MODs heeft 3DActionPlanet weer een mooie gelegenheid gevonden om 3 nieuwe mods te introduceren. En om niemand voor het hoofd te stoten, zijn verschillende mods voor Half-Life, Quake3 en Unreal Tournament.

De titels waar het hier over gaat zijn 'The Strogg War', 'Excessive UT' en 'Science & Industry'.Back in the day, gamers forked over some cash to get a game they would take home, play through, and probably put away for a long time to gather some dust. Oh, sure, they might play it a few times to see if they could beat their previous score -- if the game actually DID keep a score -- but for the most part, games weren't so much extendable as slightly replayable.

Then DOOM and Quake came along and threw the industry for a loop: people began modifying the game, adding new game play modes, new weapons, and new levels. The ability to modify a game became so integral that games released without that ability these days often get a raised-eyebrow reaction from the gaming community. A game with good community-developed mods can extend its life for years after release, giving a gamer a lot more than the $50 he or she originally paid for it.Het volledige artikel is op 3DActionPlanet te lezen.