Er is een nieuwe patch voor NgStats met weer een paar bugfixes. Hij is alleen voor Win95/98/NT,de Linux versie volgt.De patch fixt de volgende problemen:version 1.2 - 21 January 2000 * The missing CTF flag kill bug that became prevalent in the UT 405b patch has been fixed.

* Team Kills in CTF games no longer count against a player's score.

* When launching ngStats from the start menu it will now process any old log files by default.

* ngStats currently has a 1.3 MB max log file size restriction. It will no longer hang on larger files but rename the to *.big and continue on.

* Added the variable "delay" to the ngStatsUT.cfg file for dedicated server operators who are running ngStats in real-time. This is to address the problem of players potentially getting disconnected during the heavy CPU usage of both UT changing the map and ngStats running.

Now ngStats can run 30 seconds after the map change. Downloaden kan