22% van de Amerikaanse bevolking gaat een next-gen console (Dolphin, PS2, of XBox) kopen, dat is gebleken uit de "Gaming in America Survey". In totaal werden 2.000 gamers de enquête toegestuurd, waarvan 55% reageerde. Als je ook nog eens meerekent dat 66% van de hele US uberhaupt al gamet, zou men vrij veilig kunnen stellen dat gaming wel een icoon in de Amerikaanse maatschappij is. Nu nog de rest van de wereld..."Video games are now a common part of our culture," says Lee Uniacke, group publisher of the Ziff Davis Media Game Group. "They'll soon be a regular backdrop, a feature of every living room, as common as televisions and stereos in the household."

One of the big factors Uniacke cites for the anticipation of new consoles, other than improved graphics and Internet-ready capability, is that many of the machines will be able to play DVD movies. "Many people who would not ordinarily buy a TV top game system will pick one up because it will do double duty as their first DVD movie player," points out Uniacke.