Ze blijven met AvP bezig bij FOX. De mappers daar hebben goed hun best gedaan en 2 nieuwe levels in elkaar gezet. En slechts 5mb groot moet iedereen ze kunnen binnenhalen.True to their word, Fox have released two new levels for Aliens Vs Predator. Available in one not-too-huge download (that's a little over 5MB to you), the new

levels are entitled Ethereal and Bane. Here are the descriptions from AvPNews: BANE - Two floors, first floor with two main rooms connected by close corridors, a set of stairs lead up to the second floor with its two small rooms and a wide corridor that runs the length of the level to a waste disposal sink well which in turn connects back to the rooms on the first floor by a series of air ducts, most traversable only by the alien (except the main air duct between the bottom of the sink well and the first floor rooms).

ETHEREAL - Predominantly stone, with Celtic-style swirls in places, and some rusted metal for pipes. Two main big rooms with strange twisted corridors between

them. Two huge shafts at the extremities with big fans which are lethal to all. Very large in scale to give the sense of not belonging. Inspired by the works of

H.P.Lovecraft in his dreamscape passages (such as the much maligned "Quest for Unknown Kadath" and "Celaphais").Met dank aan Daily Radar UK Hier kan je de 2 nieuwe levels pakken. En de eerder verschenen levels.