Er komt weer een racegame aan die volledige vrijheid moet gaan bieden. Avault heeft een previewtje van deze game geschreven om te kijken of dit wel klopt, want die developpers kunnen wel meer zeggen:Well, the British company Codemasters is soon to publish a racing title called Insane that attempts to do just that. Insane trumpets that you play it with "no limits, no rules, and no roads." Is this more of the empty rhetoric I have gotten so used to, where my expectations rise only to be crushed by inevitable development compromises? I honestly think not. There really has never been a racing release exactly like this one, in terms of the commitment of the developers for supporting the complete concept of freedom. Interestingly, they oddly characterize Insane as most like Microsoft's Motocross Madness crossed with Epic's Unreal Tournament, but with off-road vehicles instead of bikes. Developed by the Hungarian company Invictus, Codemasters is quite proud of the emerging property it recently discovered. Business Development Manager Patrick O'Luanaigh states, "When we first saw the game, the impressive handling and physics were already there, and we were blown away by the sheer addictiveness of the racing."