Je weet niet meer waar het naar toe gaat in deze wereld. Tegenwoordig is er een grote handel in gestolen PS2s:Early reports out of Japan yesterday evening indicate that there's been another round of PS2 hijackings in Japan. This time, about 100 PS2 systems and 200 Game Boy Color handhelds were lifted from a distribution warehouse. The perpetrators are still on the loose, and police don't have any suspects. Read on, because we do. Police said that they have recorded the serial numbers of the stolen items, so any attempt to resell the systems would probably lead to an arrest. Although 100 anxious PS2 buyers will have to wait a little longer, all is not lost. We have a few ideas as to who is to blame for the latest PS2 heists, and the list is strikingly similar to the one for March's PS2 crime spree. She can steal my PS2 anyday baby