Gamingsite Neurotic Conversions laat ouden tijden herleven en stelde een feature samen met daarin 10 redenen waarom je nu nog een mod voor Quake1 zou maken.

Ze zijn namelijk van mening dat er zelfs tegenwoordig nog geen betere game is als Quake1, lees en huiver: Well, before rushing to the latest games, you might want to have a look at the father of them all, Quake1. "Hey, are you kidding ? This thing is so oooold", I hear you say. Well, it might be old, but it surely still has a lot to offer. If you're still thinking of Quake1 as "that old greenish game with no color and doom-like levels", you'd better think again. Quake1 is back and, God, it looks sexy. So, whatever your final decision is, you'd better read this article before being definite about your choice of platform.Ieder zijn mening zullen we maar zeggen, hier nog 1 van de redenen waarom je zou moeten gaan modereren:

The Quake1 modding scene has a tradition of originality not seen in any other community. Not that there is no single truly original mod being currently developped for Quake3, Unreal Tournament or Half-Life, but it is obvious that, on the whole, one has seen a lot more wacky ideas turning into mods in the Quake1 community than in the communities of the afore-mentionned games. Look at the huge number of Counter-Strike and Team-Fortress clones being developped today and you'll realize how uninspired many Quake3 and Half-Life modders seem to be.

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