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Path of Exile: The Essential Atlas Gaming Guide

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Continuity and innovation are the benchmarks of a great game, and Path of Exile definitely has both in abundance. With the introduction of the Atlas expansion, PoE developed more depth, play ability, and longevity as the Atlas is sure to keep exiles glued to their monitors for hours on end. The great thing about the changes to PoE in the Atlas expansion isthat they aren’t brought about abruptly. Rather than dumping one big map for you to explore, it excels in integrating new landscapes to explore one tier at a time—thus giving the game an evolutionary nature that isn’t force-fed. This approach gives the Atlas the overall feel of a living, breathing world that constantly adapts to the needs of those who delve into it—exiles like yourself.

While you can completely ignore the Atlas map and play the game as you have before, you are highly likely to miss out on a few new and interesting features. Know that by taking full advantage of the nifty new Atlas system, you can gain rewards in your progression along with the customization of your endgame experience. Here’s a look at all the things you need to know about the Atlas expansion

Path of Exile

The Influence: Shaper and His Minions

In the beginning, players will find themselves in the dark realm of the Shaper, with the Atlas as the sole means of tracking down the fiend. On the map are four corner tiers from which you may start your journey. You will then have to grind through a total of 16 tiers as you make your way the center where the Shaper lurks along with his four Guardians. Now here’s the catch: You have to unlock maps tier by tier in order get to the Shaper. Doing so is a simple enough concept, of course. What makes it hard is the fact that you have to kill the bosses in the maps you already have access to in order to gain higher tier maps and progress towards the center. Likewise, you can rely on a little bit of luck and open special chests within the unlocked maps. Once you’ve beaten all four guardians, you will be able to piece together each of their map fragments and enter the Shaper’s realm for one final battle. Tread carefully, though. Bear in mind that he may be the most difficult boss you can encounter in the entire game.

Path of Exile

The Atlas: Understanding the Endgame

More than being a map upon which you can reach the end game, the Atlas is also a great way for players to customize their experience to make it both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Players can do this through the use of new tools such as the Cartographer’s Sextant and the Shaper’s Orbs.The Cartographer’s Sextant, is a PoE currency that you can use to add Atlas modifiers to the Atlas of Worlds. What this ultimately means is that players have the option to add random mods to any given map.The Shapers Orbs, on the other hand, are non-consumable PoE items that you can use to upgrade map tiers in the Atlas of Worlds. You can acquire these orbs by gathering memory fragments that you can subsequently offer to Zana, the Master Cartographer of the Eight Forsaken Masters.

When all is said and done, there’s no better way to learn about the Atlas than by experiencing it first-hand. Now that you’ve brushed up on it, go boot up PoE and ready yourself for a long day of grinding on the wonderfully brutal Path of Exile. With the new features that come with the Atlas, even the most seasoned exiles can find something new to enjoy. Until next time, happy gaming!

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